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In the year 1971 Lindsey Williams went to the state of Alaska to become an aviation missionary. Shortly after arriving in Alaska, Mr. Williams heard the oil companies were going to build the Trans-Alaska Oil pipeline and that 25,000 pipeliners were going to converge on the state to build it. Mr. Williams consequently volunteered his services as chaplain on the pipeline. Shortly after becoming chaplain, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company offered him executive status and invited him to sit in on their board meetings in an advisory capacity to help the relationship between management and labor. What he heard over the next three years time would change his life. He learned that OPEC had nothing to do with the price of oil but that the elite of the world controlled it. Mr. Williams knew he had to put into print what he saw and heard in order to inform the American people. His story is documented in The Energy Non Crisis.

The book addresses the problem of Oil in America from a non-bias prospective. Recommend that anyone who concerns themselves with the cost of energy, gasoline and natural gas in America must read. Great book to occupy your time with instead of the television.


A most informative presentation from reliable sources. Highly reccommend for those interested in surviving the coming years. Wonder who really is running things!!

Jerry F. Odeneal

How did we the people, allow this to happen? This should be required reading for not only american's but all the world's inhabitants

Royce Bednarz
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